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The Doomlands are a cursed and brutal waste on the face of the broken earth. Littered with ancient relics of the Golden Past, it does attract desperate treasure hunters. A few caravans pass  through the Doomlands but they are rare and expensive to travel with. To find the treasure of the Doomlands you must go where caravans do not. But beware, many would-be dunelanders have been swallowed up by sands, or more likely, the worms.

Explore the Doomlands, where water is wealth, where robots and snake people scavenge for remnants of the past,  where the void bleeds into reality. 

This is a two page micro setting inspired by Caves of Qud and Dune. It's system neutral but I think it would pair well with Troika's Acid Death Fantasy.

Of course it could be used with  rules light games like Tunnel Goons or Prole!

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There is also a black and white printer-friendly version!

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Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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can you make a black and white printer-friendly version?


uploading it now!


Great stuff. I always appreciate the retrofuture archaeology in your works.