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PROLE is an analog adventure game that is played using pencils, paper and a coin. It's very simple to set up and play. Perfect for one shot sessions or short campaign arcs.  Included is the 10 page booklet format of Prole, and a somewhat crowded one page version! Grab some friends, a coin or two, and start adventuring!

Included with the download is Welcome To Loden!

This one page adventure location describes the town of Loden. It is not a particularly dangerous town but strange things are most certainly afoot! Adventurers can take a break within the walls of Loden and hear the lovely Gear Organ grinding out its tooth-rattling hymn from the Church of Gears every hour! They can also try the local delicacies, like gorbleswurm butter or fresh yam cakes! Just try not to step on any salamanders. Play it with Prole or the tabletop RPG of your choice!

All this and more is available for $2 a month at the Highland Paranormal Society Patreon!

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Buy Now$10.00 USD or more

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