Tunnel Goons 1.2

A new version of Tunnel Goons is available.

I've changed the character generation to use random tables to add some implied setting and randomization. I plan to develop this fuller into larger and hopefully more evocative tables. The original version is still available.


Tunnel Goons 1.2.pdf 231 kB
Oct 03, 2019
Tunnel Goons quarter page Character Sheet.pdf 15 kB
Oct 03, 2019

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What does wheel rat mean in this context? I tried googling it but I got nothing 

so I noticed that you only get 2 ability points if you use the tables as opposed to three. Was this on purpose? 


Yes, this was to make players rely more on equipment.

Oof, looking for this info in so many places. It wasn't clear to me if this is the +1B item in the parenthesis or the starting attribute value... :|