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This is a hexcrawl about trick or treating in a small town in South Louisiana. It is still "in beta" because it will eventually receive an update after some editing and play testing. But it's probably very close to its final form.

There are 16 keyed hexes on the map and a couple random encounter tables. In St. Ambrose you can encounter zombies, monsters, doom metal bands, a cult, zydeco ghosts, and a dentist.

This adventure is meant to be used with the PROLE analog adventure game from Highland Paranormal Society but feel free to adapt it to the game of your choice.


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It is Halloween in the small town of St. Ambrose, a community deep in the wilderness of South Louisiana. The children of St. Ambrose have one goal tonight, to get as much candy as possible, even if it means facing the darkness that hides just under the surface of their sleepy little town.
In this adventure, players take on the roles of young trick-or-treaters. For the sake of the game, it’s assumed that these are children of the latchkey variety who take matters into their own hands. There are not any parents and only a few adults mentioned. It can be assumed that the parents are staying home to give out candy or are gone to a Halloween party and the children are on their own for the night. It’s not as if grown ups would believe the children if they told them supernatural things were happening anyways.

A WARNING: in this game the player characters are little kids, going trick or treating in a world where scary dangerous b-movie horror stuff is happening. So depending on how you run/play games, you could be playing a game where kids get hurt or killed by monsters. That could be very disturbing if handled recklessly. So be careful and give the game some thought before you run it! I don't think the subject matter is very intense but it is not made to be a kid friendly, there are some things that might need to be toned down for younger players or even ignored completely, like drugs, for instance.

This adventure and more is available for as little as $2 a month at the Highland Paranormal Society Patreon.

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