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Dear readers, I have described these beings to the best of my ability. Due to the sensory deficits inherent in Geondic travel, I must trust the words I wrote down in the moment. When I try to elaborate from memory I am stricken with extreme headaches and dizziness. Such is the price of wandering in forbidden realms. Perhaps fellow sojourners of the Spheres Beyond can recognize the creatures I have named here, and supplement further knowledge.      -Opal Fernduggle

Thank you for checking out this crowdsourced bestiary. Using this generator, folks generated random creature names and wrote descriptions for them on Twitter. Descriptions had to fit in one tweet. Each author’s twitter handle is included after each description.
If you’d like to share your own Geondic creature, please do so here in the comments. For more tabletop RPG products and content, visit HighlandParanormalSociety.com

For more writings by Opal Fernduggle, see A Visitor's Guide To The Stolen City

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Bestiarum Geondica Spreads.pdf 3 MB
Bestiarum Geondica.pdf 3 MB


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*reading description of Geondic Travels, gets reminded of Dead Memories, and that the Gardens of Ynn are mentioned in passing there in. Getting ideas for many-realm weirdness*


Striped Witch Cat, unclear whether it is a Striped Witch that is also a Cat, or a Striped Cat that is also a Witch.

Researcher’s note: Further research is required, hopefully can get a Grant from the Collegium Arcanicum.


Mechanical Spiky Spawn

An urchin of the seas given to the sky as the day’s sacrificial offering. Allergic to air, it burns first in quiet purples, but by midday becomes a raging firestorm. After a tanker spilled kilos of pureed Brightmoss, urchins began to burn hotter and longer.


Mechanical skull moles FTW!  Fantastic stuff :)

i've passed that on to @viiith_nerve, they appreciate the compliment! :-)