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Dear Readers,Thank you for joining me on another of my adventures. Here you will find notes and journal entries from my recent holiday to The Stolen City. It more than lived up to its reputation for danger and excitement. I do recommend it as a travel location, though only for those of hardy constitution, or the funds to hire hardy protection.
Your's truly 
-Opal F.

This is a group project from the Highland Paranormal Society patreon group.

Patrons submitted writings based in The Stolen City, a soon to be released tabletop rpg setting.

Get the Stolen City module here!

Thank you Jeremy Esch, Labgoat, Stephen Karnes, and Floating Chair for your submissions.


Vistors guide to stolen city red and black.pdf 1 MB
Vistors guide to stolen city.pdf 1 MB


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Great guide - I am wondering, what is the font used in the title?