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It is rare for a powerful witch to receive a burial upon death. Most witches ultimately die in the working of their wild and dangerous magicks. Thus no body suitable for burial is left. But there have been tales of fabled witchmothers whose funeral rites served as a final act of sorcery. A culmination of their life’s work. Such graves are strange and terrible places. A witchtomb is to be avoided at all costs. The lure of strange and powerful magic must be ignored for the preservation of one’s soul.

-From Witches: Fact and Fable by Gulfrey Shaw, Witchfinder of Rosechurch

Witchtomb is a small dungeon for old-school fantasy adventure games. It details the tomb of a powerful witch. It is probably best for a party of level 1 adventurers who are interested in exploration. 

Downloads include the adventure in multiple formats: PDFs for home booklet printing, Epub for reading on tablets or phones, and the original markdown manuscript.

This adventure and more are available for $2 a month at patreon.com/hps

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AuthorHighland Paranormal Society


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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