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This is a hand made zine containing a VERY SIMPLE one player dice game about rat mutants fighting god. 

I made it with public domain images, an xacto knife, and a gluestick.

This prints on one sheet of paper and folds into an 8-page zine, click here for an example.


CategoryPhysical game
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AuthorHighland Paranormal Society


Buy Now$3.00 USD or more

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War In The Heavens Spreads.pdf 1 MB


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Holy! Might be the only time I've lol'd reading a game header- perfect amount of exclamation marks. Well suited art! Love how the rats look ugly/angry/surprised. What if... rat mutants are a reflection of humanity... and I'm just an ascended rat-mutant...  

“Multiple exclamation marks,' he went on, shaking his head,' are a sure sign of a diseased mind.” - Terry Pratchett
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I've always been a miniature wargamer, but today someone sent me this itch.io page and I've fallen in love with this game in an A4.

Today I assembled my crew and we rose to fight the gods.

Thank you Nate, for bringing these concepts to life. It was super refreshing to play this adventure.

i love this so much

WHOA! Dude. Share those pics. I want to print them out for when I next play this. :)

It's pretty cool :D. I was just a bit boomed it's only 8 pages :1

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I recommend creating homebrew rules to complete it, if you wanna buy it anyway.


the linked assembly video clearly shows the format and the size. And the embedded video shows the whole zine unfolded. But I've updated the description to make it clear that the one sheet of paper folds into an 8-page zine.

Ooh, that's pretty kind from you :)

Ans don't worry, it's a great game anyway