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For use with the 5th edition of Dungeons and Dragons or the tabletop adventure game of your choice.

The waters of the swamp darken and sour more every day. The catfish, nutria, and cane-cutters the locals rely on are becoming scarce. The water’s darkest around the old brick school building from the Old Times.

Cursed Chapel Of The Sludge Mother is an adventure for D&D 5e. It can be printed and used as a little dungeon master screen. It can be plopped down into any swampy region of your campaign or used for a quick one-shot adventure.

An evocative bare-bones adventure that strips down a dungeoncrawl to its sludge-encrusted bones and throws players with a simple but compelling call to action. Break the curse (who placed it?) and win the good favor of the Mudland Conclave (who're they?)! Cursed Chapel of the Sludge Mother asks compelling questions and lets gaming groups fill in their own blanks with a quick, simple dungeon that could be slotted into any world, anywhere. A good writer can bring a space to life in a few paragraphs, but it takes a great one to do so in a mere sentence or two.
-N. Masyk, Monkey's Paw Games
A great one-shot that breaks from typical dungeons and dragons conventions of fights for exp and gold, in order to find something newer, weirder, and full of fun.
-Batts, Nerves
I want to run it immediately
-Vi Huntsman, Collabs Without Permission
Reminds me of the videos game I wasn't able to play much in the 80's and 90's
-Axes & Orcs
Pump it directly into my horrible veins
-Chris B, Loot The Room
This wild variety of CRs feels more at home in an OSR adventure where there’s less of an expectation to overcome each challenge by hitting it enough times to kill it. This is not a fault with CCotSM, it’s just something DMs need to be mindful of if their players aren’t used to running into unbeatable encounters. If DMs want to have more straightforward fights, I’ll provide a list of workable substitutions in the notes after this review
-Pod Of Blunders
CategoryPhysical game
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(12 total ratings)
AuthorHighland Paranormal Society
GenreRole Playing
Tagsdd, Dungeon Crawler


Buy Now$4.00 USD or more

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Any chance I can buy it physical?

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Reposting the review:

A short, evocative adventure with plenty of implied setting. Enough for multiple sessions of antics.

And as always, gorgeous design and illustration along with an innovative form factor. The micro GM screen is both functional and good looking on a shelf.

One of my Top 10 HPS products.