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Taverns are a common place for heroes to meet, learn about quests, and celebrate their heroic exploits. At The Moldy Unicorn, however, you will not find heroes. You will find scoundrels, monsters, knaves, and goons. You won’t find The Moldy Unicorn in a bright surface city or a friendly farming village. You’ll find it in one of the dark corners of the underworld, perhaps in a ramshackle goblin town, at the intersection of a forgotten underground highway, or on the outskirts of a necromancer’s undead fortress city. Drop The Moldy Unicorn into your campaign’s underworld and see what your players do with it.

This 6 page zine is meant to be played with Tunnel Goons but should be easy to use with other analog RPGs.

It includes a keyed map of the tavern, a random encounter list, a demon generator and a  keyed snail crypt dungeon. A print layout is available if you'd like to print and assemble the zine as demonstrated here

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Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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