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Explore the mysteries of deep space! Meet strange creatures! See beautiful sights!

Kozmik is an illustrated collection of objects and entities found in deep space, intended for use in science fiction tabletop adventure games. Game masters can drop the 10 locations from this book into an ongoing campaign, use them to kick off a new campaign or visit them in a one-shot adventure.

This 24-page booklet contains 10 keyed maps of locations to explore and an adventure hook to send a group of space scoundrels to each one.

This is a system-agnostic book, meant to be used with the tabletop adventure game of your choice. It contains no game mechanics.

The downloads here on itch include two bonus documents: A New Sun Rises, which describes a solar system called the Fajro System. And a pdf with floor plans and brief descriptions of two spaceships La Piñata and The Pigeon Queen.


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CategoryPhysical game
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(31 total ratings)
AuthorHighland Paranormal Society


Buy Now$16.00 USD or more

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Kozmik Objects & Entities by Nate Treme SPREADS.pdf 22 MB
Kozmik Objects & Entities by Nate Treme.pdf 22 MB
MAPS.zip 154 MB
A New Sun Rises.pdf 2 MB
Space Ships.pdf 977 kB


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That feel when I made something with almost exactly the same name on accident and it's nowhere near as cool ;_;

I want this so bad

Finally ordered it from EF 👍


I got my copy through the post after backing it on Zine Quest. Really, really beautiful object, itself worthy of the epithet 'Kozmik'! The square(ish) format and bold colours reminded me of early 90s SNES game manuals (that's Nintendo famicom my American friends).

The content would fit any Space Opera or Sword & Planet game (especially as there is a literal Sword Planet!) campaign: Troika, Hypertellurians and Solarblades & Cosmic Spells all spring to mind, but if you don't have any of those there are a bazillion hacks of the Nate's own Tunnel Goons system that would fit.

An absolute triumph: my one objection would be that the beautiful print edition is just too tempting for my toddler, who smears their grubby fingertips over it at evey opportunity!


Thank you so much for the kind words!!!! Made my day!

My pleasure, it's fully deserved: thanks for making such a cool game! 

Absolutely gonna buy this and gonna make some hack rules for SPACE-PROLE to run with it.


Ooh cool, might like to try this with Lasers & Feelings...


I received the book and I really love it. I can see it as a Troika! sphere or at least played with its rules. Just brilliant, I'm happy to have backed this.


Nate, this is too damn cool. Will definitely buy when I get the $$. Kudos to another great game!


Consider. There is a Sword World that is a World With A Big Sword in it, and not just a bunch of worlds with space "vikings."


Looks cool!


I'll be the first to say : "Whooooooaa!"