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Greetings, my name is Coconut Mousse. I invite you to my jam about card game. The goal is everyone could have play your game without having accessory even a dice

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Just a question about the fight procedure.

The character must do a fighter statistics test.

Does this test follow the overall rule of 4 or more to succeed, as explained in the Gameplay paragraph, and then determine the damage resulting from the weapon used? If the test fails, does the character take direct damage from the opponent?

Or is the fight managed with a test in opposition, stat of Fighter of the character against stat of Fighter of the opponent? So, if that's the case, there are no Fighter stat for any opponent in the rules .. :-(

Thanks for the explanation


It follows the same 4 or more rule, roll damage on success. Thanks JeePee!

And on fail, roll the opponent's damage to decrease the health of the player's character ? True?

I usually have the player make a separate fighter roll when defending against an attack but I like this idea of doing attack and defense in one roll, more streamlined!

Thanks for your advice.


I really like the use of professions/classes as stats. Very clear and flexible.


Just ran the sample dungeon. My first time DMing something and I was shocked how simple it is to run! Even improvised NPCs and created some characters I want to keep. Fungal Star Goblin twins Mooki and Rooki are going to have to come back.

Awesome! Please keep me updated on Mooki and Rooki. I love to hear how other people use the star goblins. Thanks for playing!

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Decided to differentiate Mooki and Rooki from the Goblins by making their race a cousin of the Goblins called Imps. They will run a shop on the Mars station (Player home) while their porpoise parents are away, causing mischief and aggravating my scientist party members.  

Amazing! Do you mind me sharing this on my blog? and do you have a website or way you'd like to be credited?


Sure, share away. My name can just be credited as Viscole. Thats the name I use on most other sites. And no website, sorry, I'm just a little college student trying new things.