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This is a short little dungeon that we used to fill a session where some players dropped from our regular game. It was the first time playing Cairn for the players, so we spent a little time going over the rules and rolling characters. I used the conversion notes provided on the Cairn Website for appropriate treasure and stat conversions. In terms of layout and design I liked the evocative selection of public domain art and the indulgent use of space with a single room per page with huge font size. This works really well if you print the dungeon as booklet and you staple bind it, which I generally prefer to tiny font one-page dungeons as it allows you to add your own scribbles in the margins. We started right outside the dungeon and dropped any pretence that this would be anything but a simple dungeon crawl. In terms of content the dungeon presents you with pretty standard DnD fare: Skeletons and an assortment of creepy crawlers, some light puzzling and opportunities for jovial role-play. This might sound boring at first, but was extremely well executed and made for a very pleasant experience. The setup of the dungeon also manages the sequence of encounters extremely well, never does anything feel repetitive and there is plenty opportunity for characters to express their agency. Treasure had a nice elvish flavour but could have been a bit more creative mechanically, however, this could also have been lost in translation between systems. I would highly recommend this, especially to GMs that are new to more old-school inspired DnD adventures. It is easily completed within a single session. 8/10 Review taken from my blog.


Finally got a chance to grab this and run it today. Ran it as a one shot for my friend. I haven't gotten to play face to face in ages, and I used that as leverage to get my one friend to come play. We ran it using OSE Classic, with my friend running two level 2 characters. We had a great time all around, and it's definitely on the list of one shots for new players.

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I've run this twice for free now, using the homepage, and now I'm planning to run it again in a few days so I bought it now and printed a copy of the booklet. Lovely one shot. Used it with the Cairn ruleset.


I recently ran this using Mausritter and it worked great. it’s one of my favorite adventures by Nate Treme and his work is all very awesome so that’s saying something

This looks wonderful and perfect for single session. Can't wait to run it.


an excellent dungeon, except that its treasure to danger ratio is a bit skewed. Could use some traps. Played very well right from the book, very rarely found anything not accounted for and described. One thing not described what game the skeletons are playing, which makes it hard when the players inevitably join in. Also, I'm picturing the spider as considerably larger than the hallway leading to its room would allow. But very good, playable, and fun


Great little dungeon. I ran it with no prep for the driver during a road trip. The only thing that would have made it easier is to include sensory details in each room's list of exits. That way I could give hints toward which exit to choose (e.g. toward either the sobbing or the smell of preservative) without having to scroll around. Wogwurt was a huge hit.


Love this module - I have yet to try out the Vanilla Game, but am very excited to do so after seeing this supplement. I'm wondering how you made your map? The style and layout is awesome. 

I made it in procreate.


Thanks Nate - appreciate the tutorial!


Great html dungeon! I'll have to take a look at the source to see if i can improve my own html work.

(to be clear, it's also a good dungeon, not just a decent implementation of html)

Have you considered an epub version? Super-easy to convert html to epub (you almost certainly know that Calibre is a free program that can do it for you) and would allow easy offline use.

Maybe one day itch will finally allow paywalls on "run in browser" content -- i think it's a major barrier to tRPG people embracing html.

Very cool


Awesome! Great content.


great to see more and more HTML TTRPG content on itchio! thanks