Deep in the Old Forest, where the trees grow tall and thick, where the sun rarely pierces the canopy, is an earthen mound. No birds sing in this part of the forest, no wind blows. The leaves of the trees seem larger, the canopy thicker. Even at mid-day, it is almost too dark to see

For use with tabletop adventure games like The Vanilla Game.

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Updated 18 days ago
Published 25 days ago
CategoryPhysical game
AuthorHighland Paranormal Society
GenreRole Playing
Tagsdd, Dice, dungeon, Dungeon Crawler, tabletop


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Great html dungeon! I'll have to take a look at the source to see if i can improve my own html work.

(to be clear, it's also a good dungeon, not just a decent implementation of html)

Have you considered an epub version? Super-easy to convert html to epub (you almost certainly know that Calibre is a free program that can do it for you) and would allow easy offline use.

Maybe one day itch will finally allow paywalls on "run in browser" content -- i think it's a major barrier to tRPG people embracing html.

Very cool


Awesome! Great content.


great to see more and more HTML TTRPG content on itchio! thanks