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Many years ago the monks mysteriously abandoned their monastery on Mount Desmodus, never to be seen again. Local legends tell of foolish explorers who disappeared after traveling that far up the mountain. People who’ve wandered too close to the monastery’s stone entrance claim they’ve seen something staring back at them from that black maw of a doorway. Surely, strange things lurk in the dark shadows of Desmodus.

Eyeballs! Bats! Mermaid? Need an easy to run dungeon for your next game sessions? Drop this monastery into your campaign or hex-crawl for some spooky low level fun!  *Contains horror elements that some youngsters might find scary*

Temple Of The Bat Serpent is a one-shot dungeon that fits on a single sheet of paper. It's designed to be folded into a pamphlet. Monster stats are for Knave but can be easily converted to any old school system.


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Temple Of The Bat Serpent (Red and Black).pdf 924 kB
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I’m modifying this to run with In the Light of a Ghost Star mechanics, and just ran a 1-on-1 game with it. (My first time doing 1-on-1, aahh.) We only had an hour and a half of play and got about halfway through. Ended up playing up the decay and eyes, and the player is digging the spooky vibes! I also really love the design of this and the ASCII map is :chefs kiss:. Very fun!!


Thanks! love that you are using ghost star for it!

Any tips on designing dungeons using ASCII text? Any specific fonts, word/graphics programs? Thanks.

I used a free program called REXpaint. It makes ASCII art a lot easier.

East and west are backwards :) Is that on purpose?