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I'm working on a pirate Spanish version.

Spanish México: MECHA CUATES

Spanish ARgentina: MECHA CHABONES

Spanish Spain: ROBO CHABALES a todo gas!

No manches guey! MECHA CUATES suena bien chingon

I pirated this game. It is a good game. How do I pay you 275 AUD? The VPN I used to pirate this am was in Australia, I, therefore, must use their currency so as to endorse their queen and not the Queen of England or some bullshit like that. 

Please Email me how to do this at BigJohnRightfeld@thePirateBay.Gov


so did you get $50

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The price is for the NFT?


Yes for $50 you will get a Nice Fucking Time!


Yay! I was thinking in a Neutered Fluffy Tom...




Remember to check boxes on "logic" y'all


The only part about this i don't like is the part where you literally take food out of hasbros mouth

its just not right

Very cool.




Does the USD stand for Unexpected Soulful Delight?


of course! can't imagine what else it could stand for


why is this game $50




So that I can get $50


The math checks out