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Excited to get the new tileset after loving HPS Cartography for my Ryuutama game. I work in watercolors and I'm thinking of releasing a setting for Ryuutama... these will be great to use for maps if I go that route. Thank you so much for letting folks use these commercially, since I'm absolute dogshit at making maps on my own.

Hey thanks for this awesome tileset. Sad to say I have a little issue with this tileset. I imported them the way I imported the Cartography Kit images but all the tiles are slightly rotated to the right so the don't fit the tiles horizontally...could use some help! :D

when you create a new map make sure you set it to flat top

Only a small step for mankind but a giant leap for me :D Cheers!!!


What can I say, HPS does it again, fantastic work


Continuing in the tradition of The Tiles Of Xark, the Doodle Tiles are a set of extremely high quality tiles for Hex Kit.

They come with a license to use them in commercial and noncommercial projects, and they cover a pretty broad range of material.

You don't need Xark to use them, and they're fully functional as a standalone, but the art style matches Xark and gives you more options to choose from for any given terrain type.

If you do any kind of hexmapping, the retro hand-drawn aesthetic here is stellar, and I'd strongly recommend checking them out.

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Bought these as soon as I got a notification, I adore the aesthetic.

Is there any chance of a black & white tavern/pub or inn icon in future tilesets? There's an orange one in the Cartography set I'm aware.


I added a little tavern building in the new update