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Welcome to PR1: Dogtooth Valley, the Highland Paranormal Society Pocket Realm series’ first module! It describes a small region that can be dropped into an ongoing campaign or used to launch a new one. This module assumes 1st-2nd level characters. This book is intended for use with your chosen analog adventure game.

This book contains 1 regional hex map with a random encounter table and 6 "dungeons" to explore, a town location with rumors and adventure hooks. There is also a bestiary and some random tables for treasure, weather, and more!

Dogtooth Valley

The valley is a remote region in the shadows of the Dogtooth mountains—colloquially ‘the Dogteeth.’ While the Dogtooth Outpost is a relatively new settlement, some older civilizations’ ruins are scattered about the region. The Outpost is intended as a starting point players venture out from. Perhaps they are locals, passing travelers, or recent arrivals seeking work. They could have been sent to investigate the graverobbing or put a stop to the Coyote banditry.

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  • PDFs (single page, spreads, and home printing layout)
  • Plain text, epub, and HTML (these are text only versions, let me know if they give your screen reader any problems)
  • Maps in png format, with room numbers and unnumbered versions.
  • NPC art png files.

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